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We produce your story and make life better for your audience

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We produce story-driven videos

that provide information to your audience and mobilize them

to work toward societal improvement.


Personal Interviewing

Your story is best expressed through interviews that are informed by extensive research.



We distill audience needs and

deliver relevant video content.


Video Production/Editing

Expert production and video editing

enhance your story.



is the doorway toward greater understanding. Opening that door allows everyone to benefit from your experience.




needs the information you seek to share. They immediately benefit from your wisdom, instruction, and history.

 "I have worked with Kevin Dunn on two projects in different fields and I can only say that he is absolutely phenomenal to work with.

One of the videos he did for me went viral and gained me an ample amount of viewers and new followers, and that was prior to even investing any promotional dollars behind it. His other project (for a non-profit which I am a board member of) has also resulted in much greater awareness
and on-going donations and contributions to the charity.

Kevin's talent speaks for itself, but I'd also like to add that he is probably one of the most professional, astute, and consciousness people I have every hired for a project. As someone who has been in the real estate industry for over 26 years, as well as being a long time agent trainer, I can gladly attest to the fact that hiring Kevin to create videos will definitely give you the competitive advantage in an industry that is so overcrowded. Video speaks volumes and Kevin is the leader at what he does. Hire him and you won't regret the story he creates for you and your brand.

- Tamara Dorris, agent, author, professor of real estate

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